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  • 重质量守信誉诚信的企业

    Enterprises with Quality and Credit

  • 拥有大批专业技术人才

    Professional and technical personnel

  • 产品质量保障,应用领域广泛

    Product quality assurance, widely used

  • 诚信经营,服务完善

    Integrity management and perfect service

  • High loading efficiency:Wooden pallets are small in weight and therefore consume less labor for loading and unloading and transporting the pallets themselves.
  • Standardized work:wooden pallets will be variety, shape of the goods unified set, can achieve standardized work.
  • Automated handling:Wooden pallets can place goods on the conveyor line to automate the handling.
  • Protection of goods:the goods placed on wooden pallets do not need to move, can prevent the destruction of goods, loss, etc.
  • Cost savings:wooden pallets can be shipped directly without packaging, which can save more packaging costs.
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    Strong industry experience

    XTMY wood industry was established in 1999, covers an area of 37.5 acres, is located in The Guichi District of Chizhou City, Anhui Province, Juanqiao Industrial Concentration Area, north of Anqing, bordering the Copper Tomb, land, water and air transportation is very convenient, over the years the company has accumulated a wealth of industry experience, won the favor of our customers.

  • Two

    Good product quality

    Our company is a professional production, sales of wood packaging boxes, wood pallets and all kinds of wood products materials enterprises, can undertake the production of various types of foreign trade, domestic trade enterprises demand wooden products boxes, wood pallets and wood materials and other products, product quality assurance, please rest assured that the vast number of customers choose.

  • Three

    Powerful technology, advanced equipment

    The company's existing operators more than 60 people, technical management personnel 11 people, production equipment are using the domestic wood industry advanced equipment, with the current domestic advanced wood heat treatment kiln 4 (280m3), and through the Anhui Province Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau acceptance, and obtained the outbound goods wood packaging treatment heat treatment qualifications.

  • Four

    Customer first, sincere service

    The company has always pursued customer demand-oriented, product quality service customers as their own responsibility, the production of better quality products and services customers, trust customers.

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    Chizhou XTMY wood industry Co. , Ltd. was established in 1999, is a professional factory to produce and sales the wood packaging boxes, wooden pallets and various of wood products…

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